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Tontoh Dikeh To Go Nude For ‘Stripper In Love’

The buzz is already kind of going crazy. Tonto Dike is set to feature in another pretty risque movie, “Strippers In Love” which is yet to be released but is already creating a crazy amount of buzz.

According to, “A scene in the movie captures Tonto, in a naked dance with a male-actor who is equally half-nude, and caught carried away in the pleasures of the dance. She perches on the actor’s ‘time-bomb’ in a manner that left much to be desired. The act is much more than a make-believe.”

If you remember, Tonto Dike got a lot of attention from a similar role in Dirty Secret.

Some have already dubbed the film as Soft Porn. Interesting tings for sure.

‘Strippers in Love’ is being produced by Divine Touch Productions Limited.

Source: VanguardNGR