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Chordratic Beats grabs Flowssick for “Christmas Wish” Follow-Up, “Badderman”

Following on his lovely track “Christmas Wish”, Chordratic Beats connects with Flowssick as they come together to create the brand new song titled Badderman, with Chordratic also handling its production.

This amazing tune promises to leave you nodding your head and tapping your feet. It’s feel-good, mid-tempo song will leave you striving to be the badderman. Badder than the man that hottie says she wants. ^_^ NB: Please don’t play this while you’re driving as may or may not induce a reverie. Enjoy!!!


JoulesDaKid recruits ChordraticBeats for “Mo Gbo Mo Ya”

Born Kings artist , JoulesDaKid hits fans with brand new tune which is quite different from the norm. As usual, the guy comes with a new style and delivery to this jam. Once again blending with Chordratic beats and making it happen like never before. Enjoy!


Chordratic Beats, Didi and Rere make a “Christmas Wish”

It’s the season, one again….

Chordratic Beats has chosen a perfect song to round up his totally brilliant production year. This well-written and exceptionally melodious song just makes you happy and Christmassy even if you are the Grinch.

Worthy of mention are the brilliant features on this song – Profound; progressively becoming a rapper to be reckoned with. Rere; who has been a massive revelation in the last couple of months with her feature in Haywire’s ‘Don’t Fall’ and her hit medley, ‘Lovestruck’ and Didi; with the soulful voice was featured lately on Chordratic Beats’ independence day song titled ‘Freedom’. This blend of artists of different genres and styles and their mellifluous harmony on this song is simply beautiful.

Without further ado, here it is. Download, listen and enjoy this Christmas song and feel free to enjoy it throughout the festive period and all year long.