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MOVIE: The Code 1 & 2 Starring Mercy Johnson, Mary Remy, Ada Jacobs, Muma Jee, Muna Obiekwe, Angela Okorie, Prince Eke

Unemployment Subjects two friends Italy & Pisso (Muna Obiekwe and Prince Eke) into working as gate keepers for ladies who live fake lives in order to attract wealthy men. Susan (Mercy Johnson) plays the most sophisticated lady who squatted three friends Sydni, Sofia and Juju (Angelina Okorie, Mary Remy and Ada Jacobs) who desire to establish and be like her, even it means living her life style.

“Mercy Johnson” “Mary Remy” “Ada Jacobs” “Muma Jee” “Muna Obiekwe” “Angela Okorie” “Prince Eke”

Movie: Secret Code 1 & 2 (Sequel-The Code) Starring “Mercy Johnson” “Mary Remy” “Ada Jacobs” “Muma Gee” “Muna Obiekwe” “Angela Okorie” “Prince Eke”

The story continues with italy (Muna Obiekwe) taking advantage of his employers absence to gallivant and sleep with the very same group of girls that live a fake life. Susan falls in love with him and ejects other girls from her house. They are yet to discover his true identity upon the return of his true employers jean ( Muma Gee)

Movie: Unending Love 1 & 2 Starring Nonso Diobi, Tonto Dike, Nwani Okolo, Kenneth Chukwu

Bob’s abrupt dissolution of his relationship with sandra(Tonto Dike) is now hunting him after so many years of being away from each other.

“Nonso Diobi” “Tonto Dike” “Nwani Okolo” “Kenneth Chukwu”

Movie: Deepest Of Dreams 1 & 2 Starring Majid Micheal, Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Tonto Dike, Geredine Ekeocha

To rise above an impending depression, a young woman builds a world of day dreaming around herself. A world where she is beautiful….A world where she is loved.
“Majid Micheal” “Omotola Jolade Ekeinde” “Tonto Dike” “Geredine Ekeocha”

Movie: Taxi Driver 1 & 2 Starring Nkem Owoh, Charles Awurum, Uche Ogbodo, Abraham Madubuko, Goddy Ezenwa, Rita Arum

Okonkwo(Nkem Owoh) the taxi driver gets a contract to execute a plan for the same couple Monica and Segun (Uche ogbodo and Goddy Ezenwa). His life and that of his family are now in danger but he must find a lasting solution to it.
“Nkem Owoh” “Charles Awurum” “Uche Ogbodo” “Abraham Madubuko” “Goddy Ezenwa” “Rita Arum”

Movie: Love, Sex & Marriage Starring Fred Amata, Kete Henshaw & Jim Iyke

The shocking story of a lady was druged raped and deflowered by a man six month before her wedding to another man.

“Fred Amata” “Kate Henshaw-Nuttal” “Jim Iyke” “Alex Lopez Patrick Doyle”

Movie: Crime Of The Heart [Part 1 & 2] Starring Desmond Elliot, Prudential Long Chi, Rachel Suun

A young man was diagnosed of a brain disease by a doctor some months ago,then he found love with the doctor’s daughter which was against the doctor’s will.He killed innocent souls and the doctor to pay him back.
Desmond Elliot” “Macauly Akim” “Prudential Long Chi” “Emmanuel Galaya” “Rachel Suun