Organizers Explain Benefits of Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Convention

Many newspapers and journals have written several degrading stories about our entertainers because of the much undignified and demeaning acts of soliciting funds whenever they are down with critical ailments. This act of begging has actually helped keep most of them alive as it has culminated into generous donations from fans and Government alike. However the time to do the right thing is now! We need to organize and put our industry on the path of honour by embracing the health insurance policy.

According to the organizers, this convention will highlight the advantages of health insurance and why we must all insure our health, it will encourage the practitioners of the entertainment industry to insure their health and plan for the unforeseen, it will put an end to the highly degrading means of begging for alms whenever any practitioner of the industry is down with an ailment and at the end of this conference, practioners will put more premium values on their health and understand perfectly the importance of health insurance.

Also, there will be timely intervention to save the life of any practitioner in the entertainment industry who falls sick. In the past, the industry has lost some of its finest entertainers because it took too long to raise the required funds from the public, friends and fans.

The convention will also help to fulfill the directives of the Nigerian government through National Health Insurance Scheme urging all citizens to embrace health insurance. The convention will help the practitioners of the entertainment industry to preserve their own future and that of their families. Majority of them have learnt lots of lessons from our yesterday celebrities who by now cannot foot their own health bills. None of the crop of today’s celebrities will be a star for life especially as the times and seasons are subject to change.

This will help them save a fraction of their earnings today for their health insurance schemes against rainy days instead of blowing all on life’s frivolities.

Some of topics to be discussed at the convention are; The health implications of celebrity life styles, Benefits of Health Insurance Policies, Health Insurance Policy …at what cost?, The health insurance policy…how dependable? and The Role of
Government in Health Insurance Policies.

This convention is presented by Nigerian Entertainment Industry Lecture Series (NEILS) in partnership with National Health Insurance Scheme, Lagos State Ministry of Health and Nigeria Medical Association. It is slated for July 22, 2014 at the Grand Ball Room of Eko Hotel in Lagos.

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