Kidd Frankie Debuts “Live From The Underground” Audio/Visual

Kidd Frankie returns to the music scene continuing to release new music. After already putting out three freestyles to a couple of industry beats, he’s set to bless your ears with his fourth freestyle Too “JetsLife’s” own “Young Roddy” ‘Good Sense’ Record …

Kidd Frank Remakes The Song And Delivers A Message Using His Unique Style Of Flow & Word Play! Kidd Frankie been Releasing Freestyle Singles To Industry Artist Beats Ever Since He Recently Dropped His 2nd Mixtape. July 27th Called “LIFE – Living In Fear Everyday” which you can download on now!! “All I’m looking for is to gain potential fans & have fun and enjoy this music I’m giving to the world!” Kidd Frankie States.. You can also check out his other three freestyles titled “Elevated” – OutKast Elevators Remake, “#PoundCakeFreestyle (South Got Sumn Too Say)” Drakes Pound Cake Remake, and “My N***a Freestyle” YGs “My N***a My N***a” Remake. As Kidd Frankie Is Preparing For His 3rd Mixtape Which Will Release Early 2014, entitled “Louisiana State Of Mind Ep. 1” He Gives You Enough Music Too Hold You All Through Until His Mixtape Drops… Enjoy! And make sure you rolling up!

Song: “Live From The Underground”

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